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Learning with Chessto, puzzles and mini-gamesmakes chess simple and fun

Chessto: The cute litte robot Chessto is your child's virtual private teacher
Frog Race: Learn different chess moves while racing frogs with other players
Castle Assault: Solve chess puzzles to storm the castle and conquer the gold
The River: Let the frog leap through the river, your personal learning route


New release brings even more familiy chess fun
Chessity on Oct 1, 2020, updated Nov 18, 2020   2942   2
Since the Covid-19 crisis, Chessity has been very popular with families. With more time at home, it's great fun to learn chess and train your brain in a playf...
160 new chess lessons in the black levels
Chessity on Jul 16, 2020   3152   2
"I got all the diplomas. When are the new levels coming?" For all the children who have sent us this kind of messages lately, we have good news: today we...
Let all students learn chess for free with Chessity
Chessity on Mar 24, 2020   5730   4
Because of the coronavirus, all the time and energy of teachers currently goes into arranging distance learning and home-education for their students. So how great is ...
Do boys and girls learn chess differently?
Chessity on Nov 30, 2019, updated Dec 3, 2019   5627   11
Boys are better at learning to play chess than girls… or are they?  There is no doubt that in chess, there is a gender inequality between men and wome...
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